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Physician Directed Weight Loss Programs 

Programs designed for individuals.

No contracts, No Hidden Fee, Go Gimmicks, No Crazy Diets

Weight Loss  Services at A Diet Center

Total Body Detox  

for Weight Loss

 $ 39 to #299

1. Fasting

2.  Plenty

3. Magic THVC detox

4. Detox Diet

5. Rapid 7 dat Detox

6. Detox Juices

7. Fendiline 

8. Supplements

9. Colonic, Irrigation, Enemas

10. IV Drip DETOX 

11.  Glutothione IV drip 


Medical Weight Loss


  • $139 to $499

When phentermine stops \working -we add 

(a) Topiramate  (Qsymia )

(b)  Prozac   ( PhenPro)

(c) Metformin 

(d)  HCTZ /water pills 

(e) B 12 Injections

(f) B 12 MIC

(g) B12 Lipotropics

(h) Olistat


GPL-1 Injections  

non controlled 

FOR Weight  Loss 

$199 to $499

Following Injections are available by prescription 

(a)  Saxenda

(b)  Semaglutide

(c)   Wegovy

(d)  Ozempic

(e) Victoza

(f) Rybelsus


Rapid Weight Loss

 HCG Injections 

$539 to $789

Have rapid weight with . 

  • HCG injections and  500/800 calories diet  HCG when injected into the body, it curbs appetize, increase muscles mass, converts stored fat into energy , and metabolism. You can compliment the rapid weight loss with Phentermine and B 12 .

 B12 injections 

for Weight Loss

$39 to $99

There are 5 kinds of B 12

Injections available 

(a)   Cobalamine

(b)    B12 Mic

(c)    MICC B12

(d)  Vita -Complex  B12

(e)  Amino-Lipotropic


Greater Weight Loss 

with AOD 9604 

$489 to $689

AOD 9604 Is a Fat Burning Peptide. It is the best choice for people, who want to lose weight through burning FAT, AOD 9603 IS JUST THE MAGIC ONE NEEDS TO BURN EXCESS FAT . 

Book Online

Fat reduction 

3 Skirt Size

$199 to $499

CoolPlass / Coolsculption /

cryo cool Shape Fat Suction beauty machine produces  vacuum of a particular area and reduces its temperature to Negative 5+ degrees, reducing the fat cells.   

Book Online

FAT reduction and 

skin tightening 


$ 299 to $ 499 

The following fat burning and skin tightening radio frequency equipment's help burn fat and, tightening skin and reduce weight.

1. TruSculpt

2. Cellutone

3. BTL Vanquish

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IV Vitamin Drips


$169- $399

1, IV Hydration drips

2, Vitamin C Drip

3. Vitamin b12 Drip

4. Vitamin B DRIPS

5. Meyers cocktail

* Special Covid after effects HELP



  • $8-10 Per Unit (Dysport)

  • Restylane $489-$500


BTL EXILIS Fat Reduction/ Skin Tightening 

From $199

The Exilis procedure is combined ultrasound and radiofrequency that harnessed to help tighten and tone the skin that also slims and re-contour the body with no surgical procedure needed so no pain no incision or downtime. 



Melissa Strafford MD, ACOG

Dr.  Melissa Strafford is board Certified OBGYN providing the most comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages. Some of the services provided by her are  Some the services provided at the center include STI or STD testing, HIV1 testing and daily preventive pill, birth control and family planning, fat reduction and skin tightening, dermal filler and injectables, hormonal balance for rejuvenation and anti-aging, 

Our Latest Blog Entry

If you’re constantly stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed AND are struggling to lose weight…

Then your hormones could be out of balance.

You see when just one hormone is imbalanced…

That affects the rest of them.

And this leads to slow metabolism, weight gain around the stomach, and even low energy levels.

But there’s a morning ritual thousands of women are doing within 30 minutes of waking up to balance their hormones.

It doesn’t involve a prescription or even visiting the doctor…

And it’s something you can do as soon as right now.

Scarlett Peralta, a wife, and mother of 3 used this morning ritual to balance her hormones and lose 47 lbs of fat without a restrictive diet or intense exercise.

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