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Detox for weight loss

7-day detox programs come in all sizes and shapes, from simply consuming more water to a fruit diet.

Celebrities and influencers have made the 7-day detox diet one of the most popular "quick fix" diets for weight loss

However, detoxification is not an easy alternative, and it is not for everyone because this diet program is different from the others.

 Popular weight loss methods, such as fasting and diets such as 5:2 and 16:8, require eating schedules and calorie control, while detox diet plans involve a complete change_ of diet.

While many people participate in calls to lose weight (hello, alcohol and sweets), others do so to get rid of harmful chemicals.

What is the 7-day detox plan?

What is the 7-day detox plan?

The 7-day detox diet is simply a clean eating- program, which involves eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to help the body with clean- substances.

Toxins can come from the environment and from what we eat. “We are constantly riddled- with environmental toxins; house cleaning paints and chemicals, Wi-Fi radiation, road pollution and pesticides in the fields, some of which are worth mentioning,” says the nutritionist.

Toxins can enter the body through artificial sweeteners, supplements, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and even chemicals that we rub on the skin and hair. Our bodies not only fight toxins from the outside world but also produce toxins such as urea, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid, which must eliminate_ naturally.

How does the detox plan work?

The three stages of the body's natural- detoxification are driven_ by the detox plan.

Phase 1_ Toxins are broken down into smaller, water-soluble molecules by enzymes that protect cells from damage.

Phase 2_ Phase 1 compounds combine with other substances to form conjugates_ which make them less toxic and more soluble for excretion.

Phase 3_ Excretion of waste in the kidneys, where it is excreted- in the urine or liver, bile in the digestive system, where it is excret_ in the form of feces.

These steps help you supplement your diet with micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and additional- amino acids. Foods high in protein, B vitamins, vitamins_ E and C, magnesium, selenium, and zinc are among the best foods to eat during detoxification.

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