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Detox for Weight Loss

$39-$99 / mo

Every religion has ways to detox the body. There are several benefits of total body detox. Detox can be done through fasting or with supplements. We offer several types of detox.

Medical Weight Loss

With Phentermine/Adepex

$139-$399 /mo

When phentermine stops \working -we add

(a) Topiramate (Qsymia )

(b) Prozac ( PhenPro)

(c) Metformin

(d) HCTZ /water pills

(e) B 12 Injections

(f) B 12 MIC

(g) B12 Lipotropics

(h) Olistat


28/30/43 Injections

Weight loss


HCG injections and 500/800 calories diet have been linked to rapid weight loss. HCG may improve metabolism suppress appetite, burn excess fat, and process food more efficiently. HCG leaves muscles untouched leaving the body to increase resting metabolism.


and B 12 Injections are added for an additional fee

 B12 injections

for Weight Loss


There are 5 kinds of B 12

Injections available

(a) Cobalamine

(b) B12 Mic

(c) MICC B12

(d) Vita -Complex B12

(e) Amino-Lipotropic

Cellulite Reduction

$199 one small area

BTL Cellulite reduction machine reduces cellulite and smooths out the skin by also tightening the skin at the same time while shaping the figure and stimulating blood circulation in the body.

Fat Burn -Skin Tightening

$199 one small area

TruSculpt 3D Fat Reduction this non-surgical Monopolar RF system delivers targeted repeatable and uniform sculpting area by burning fat and tightening skin resulting in some weight loss.



CoolPlass a specially designed for such a particular area and reduce the temperature to Negative 5 degrees m permanently reducing most of the fat cells, resulting in body contouring and weight loss.

Medical conditions you gain Weight 



. insomnia


Cushing Disease

polycystic ovarian Syndrome

heart disease


Metabolic Syndrome

Certain Medications



$8-10 Per Unit (Dysport)

Restylane $489-$500

BTL EXILIS Fat Reduction/ Skin Tightening


The Exilis procedure is combined ultrasound and radiofrequency that

 harnessed to help tighten and tone the skin that also slims and re-contour the body with no surgical procedure needed so no pain no incision or downtime. 


Emsculpt is an electromagnetic Machine that helps you lose weight as well as build muscle at the same time. This machine can be used on your lower back, abdomen, upper arms, and buttocks.

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